New Year’s Eve Shuttles and Transfers

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  • Minimum of 30 minutes

* Conditions apply. Please call to confirm your booking as we may have already sold out.

With the largest fleet of water taxis on Sydney Harbour, we are able to offer selected boat transfers as well as general transfers to over 200 wharfs across Sydney. Water taxis are the only boats allowed to enter the exclusion zone which means that we can take accommodate pickups and drop offs across various locations (subject to wharf closures). Please note that due to speed restrictions, we can only travel up to 6 knots across most of the harbour during the night. Please take this in to consideration as you plan your night.

Please contact our friendly staff if you require any special assistance or need more information. We value the safety and comfort of our customers. Rapid or excessive consumption of alcohol is not allowed on our taxis.

* Conditions apply.

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